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"...the camel represents the 'go-aheadness of the American character        which subdues even nature by its energy and perserverance."                           -M.H. Stacey, accompanying U.S. Camel Corps 1857

About KALVIN the (American) KAMEL

 KALVIN is one of the descendants of the forgotten line of American-bred camels who once made up the U.S. Camel Corps in 1856.  Though the “Camilidae” family originated on the North American continent some 40,000,000 years ago, it is the continent where none of its descendants survived to serve man.  In the late 1850’s, over 70 camels were brought to America as part of an experiment conducted by the U.S. Army.  The U.S. Camel Corps was formed to help open up the desert area between Texas and California. 

Kal Toy

The experiment was interrupted by the onset of the Civil War, and once the transcontinental railroad was completed in 1869, there was little need for the camels’ assistance in transportation.  In the 1870’s, the camels were sold to zoos and circuses, and some were set free in Arizona.  In fact, a boundary commission in 1901 indicated that wild camels of the southwest were reproducing.  It is from these camels who helped pioneer the development of the West that Kalvin finds his roots.

The camel is a noble, steadfast character, with the confidence and determination of a winner – just like the American pioneer.  Americans, like camels, have inner reserves to call upon when needed.  Kalvin is just a small reminder of that pioneer spirit which has made our American heritage a reality.

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