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The Adventures of KALVIN the (American) KAMEL

Since Kalvin’s descendants have a place in American history (the U.S. Camel Corps), these stories offer an ideal format to subliminally share American history and geography with children.  Additionally, the young camels go through all the trials and tribulations associated with growing up.  Below are some storylines:

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“How The Camels Helped The Army”

A brief history of how Kalvin is related to a member of the original U.S. Camel Corps, as told to him by his Grandfather Kornelius.

      “Kalvin And The Hump That Wouldn’t Slump”

Story deals with Kalvin being taller than his peers, and suffering from his being different until he finds out that is what makes him special.                                      

                           WinterKal                    Kalvinkids

  “The Greatest Discovery Of All”

A Christmas story.  After being knocked out while going up to catch a football pass, Kalvin  travels back into the time of the Three Wise Men as they prepare to make their journey to Bethlehem.

 Other titles include  “Welcome To Kamel Krest”, “Kalvin Meets The Ogre Baron”, “Lost In The Desert”, “When I Grow Up I Want To Be”, “Kalvin’s First Love”, “Ginny’s Portrait”, “Kalvin Runs Away From Home”, “The Secret Of The Lost Caves”, “The Great Race”