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"The Magician's Secret" by Kam Kaminske

     How would you react to a talking stuffed animal that mysteriously appears to help you figure out your life’s purpose? In this fantasy, writer’s block plagues Pete (a famous novelist), who realizes how his mother's recent death has caused him to obsess about the very meaning of life.  Enter the enigmatic Kalvin the Kamel who arrives from another time dimension to awaken Pete's child-like "sense of possibility".  Kalvin stirs remembrances in Pete, helping him find an entirely new perspective on life. 

      When Pete escapes New York for a retreat in Maine, his genteel father becomes a catalyst for inner growth, as does a telepathic bookstore owner who teases Pete with just enough information to convince him of things that can only be proven by a reading of the heart.

     And, when young wheelchair-bound Kate infiltrates Pete's mind and heart, he receives rare insights, as they both view life through new eyes, able to share gifts they never knew were hidden inside.  


“Kam Kaminske has created a charming tale filled with possibility and purpose.  A most delightful read!”     

- Susan Jeffers, Ph.D., author of Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

"The power of the mind can open any possibility. "The Magician's Secret" is the story of Pete, and his search to find meaning in life. Pete encounters Kalvin the Kamel, a being from another dimension, who offers both guidance and friendship. In the process, Pete learns about the role that his own subconscious plays in creating the mysterious and wonderful experience that is life itself. "The Magician's Secret" is a thought-provoking parable that transcends genre and era".

- B. Cox
Managing Editor
The Midwest Book Review


Kalvin appears in "The Magician's Secret" available now at Amazon in print and Kindle formats.











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Kam and kalvin            

About Kam Kaminske

Kam began her writing career as the first woman in the press box as sports editor at the University of Colorado, and then spent over a dozen years in corporate public relations for firms like Abbott Laboratories, Baxter-Travenol and Bell & Howell.  She is an extensively published freelance writer and a public relations/marketing consultant in Los Angeles.