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        From the desk of Kam Kaminske:

             Kalvin first appeared as a “cover boy” on the front of a cookbook/entertaining guide I wrote called, “How To Become The ‘Compleat’ Entertainer”.  From there, Kalvin took shape in the form of a stuffed animal who delivered “kamel-gram” greetings in envelopes tucked snugly beneath his saddlebags.  Children’s stories and a number of peripheral businesses starring Kalvin began to take shape under a business called Kamel Korps, which was conceived under the premise that one-half of its profits would go toward building free-standing hospice centers for the terminally ill.

            Timing is everything in life, and though Kalvin has yet to share his stories about growing up, and his love of American history and geography with the masses, we’re still looking for a producer, investor and/or animator to help to help make this dream a reality.  If you know someone who’d be interested in hearing more, please contact me at

             On another front, when Kalvin did become a stuffed animal, he was produced in a limited quantity.  If you have one of the “original” Kalvins, please e-mail me at   His value’s probably growing day by day…


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